How to get Shiny Hair

Someone asked me the other day how I get my hair so shiny, so I thought I’d write a tutorial to let you all know.

Firstly, I comb through my hair to make sure all the knots are out (I often backcomb my hair so this takes a while!). Once it is knot-free I thoroughly wet my hair and apply TRESemmé 24 Hour Body Shampoo (£4.05) paying attention to the roots. (If I am doing my hair for a special occasion I use Frederic Fekkai Protein RX Reparative Shampoo (£18) -amazing and definitely worth the price tag!). I massage the shampoo in for a few minutes to restore the natural oils and help hair growth, before thoroughly washing it out (it helps if you have a powerful shower here as you want to get as much of the residue out as you can).

Next apply the conditioner, I use the same brands as I did for the shampoo (TRESemmé 24Hour Body Conditioner (4.05) or Frederic Fekkai Protein RX Reparative Conditioner (£13), this time pay attention to the ends (from just above the ear downwards) unless your hair is extremely tangled you won’t need any at the roots as this will just weigh it down. Massage it into the hair covering as much of the ends as you can and leave in for a few minutes (just while you wash yourself should be fine). Again, thoroughly rinse it so all the residue has disappeared.

If you want to give your locks an extra treat, apply an intense moisture hair mask to the whole hair (I would recommend Aussie 3 Minute Miracle reconstructor (£4.99) -purse friendly and smells amazing too!). As it says, leave on for 3 minutes (it is best to do this when you are having a pamper day – exfoliating, shaving, etc.). Once the three minutes are up, rinse the mask out (again, very thoroughly!) and turn the water to a cooler temperature (as cold as you can brave!) rinse the hair again – and yourself if you can face it! (this will improve circulation and boost your immune system, so worth the pain!).

Once you are out of the shower, towel dry your hair and apply TRESemmé Salon Smooth Serum (£4.79) to the ends – this contains Moroccan Argan Oil to calm frizz and instantly smooth the hair with a gorgeous shine, plus it’s a great heat protector! Using your fingers, comb this through the hair before drying it (if I have time, I leave my hair wrapped in a towel while I apply my make up – until, it’s about 70% dry and then use the hair dryer to style it). As my hair is naturally wavy, I use my GHDs for a sleek , glossy look. Once my hair is dry and straight, I apply TRESemmé Frizz Control Finishing Cream (£4.20) for salon perfect shiny hair!


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